Trees – if planted in the right way – play a crucial role in regenerating ecosystems and supporting local communities. Learn more about Ecosia's projects, the difference between monocultures and mixed forests, and how trees can change lives.


This Cyber Monday, shop for trees

It’s that time of the year again — no, not the jingle bells, the time where you’re looking for gifts. Our planting pop-up has what you (and the planet) need!


Ecosia trees are going in the ground near NHS hospitals across the UK

Our first UK tree planting project supports mental health, improves access to nature, and reduces air pollution.


Tree-Planting Update 27

Updates from your trees in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Burkina Faso, including new satellite images of your trees!


How regenerative agriculture can curb climate change

The way we are cultivating crops nowadays is not sustainable. It’s not good for us and it’s not good for wildlife or the planet. Here’s how Regenerative Agriculture could change everything.


Trees against hunger in Senegal

The effects of climate change are harming smallholder farmers in Senegal. Planting trees on their fields helps them take charge of their future.


The radio show that plants trees

Ecosia is growing trees in Malawi – using radio! And without putting a single sapling in the ground.


The Amazon fires are back and worse than ever, and it’s not just climate change that's to blame

I’ve spoken to tree-planters and firefighters on the ground, and they’ve already seen about 30% more fires in their region than last year. Why?


Water security is climate justice. How your trees in Kenya help

Learn why more and more people lack access to clean water and why trees could help.


Ecosia users have planted 100 million trees: a milestone and a beginning!

100 million trees tackle the climate crisis by removing 1771 tonnes of CO2 every day. But it means so much more than that.


Improving access to nature for all is vital for our post COVID-19 collective health and wellbeing

During COVID-19 the benefits of spending time in nature have become crystal clear. But it has also highlighted wide disparities. Here’s why we need to prioritize improved access and equal distribution of environmental benefits, resources and opportunities for everyone.


This farmer saves rivers by planting trees

Stories of hope seldom make headlines these days. But they are just as real. Discover Naliaka’s story of hope.

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