Trees – if planted in the right way – play a crucial role in regenerating ecosystems and supporting local communities. Learn more about Ecosia's projects, the difference between monocultures and mixed forests, and how trees can change lives.


Helping our partners in Morocco rebuild after the earthquake

What we're doing to support our partners High Atlas Foundation after a devastating earthquake in Morocco


View from the ground: what the Inflation Reduction Act means for trees

What our American tree-planting partners think about the new US Climate Bill.


Money can grow on trees

Planting the right tree in the right place and in the right way looks different across Ecosia’s projects. But when trees play ecological and economic roles in restoration, both local communities and trees tend to thrive.


How Acacia Senegal trees change the lives and roles of women in a Sudanese village

For the women of Shagra, the income from the sale of the amber-like raw material improves their livelihoods as well as their role within their families and villages.


Why are trees so important?

This is the third episode of Climate Brief, an original Ecosia YouTube series. This time: why trees are so important.

Tree planting

Your trees in Cameroon

Your trees restore biodiversity all the while promoting better livelihoods for local communities.


We need to talk about endangered tree species

Even though we've long known that forests and trees have been threatened, they are still not getting the attention they deserve.

Tree planting

Your trees in Nigeria

Your trees in Nigeria are providing opportunities for inclusive rural development.


Your searches plant 13,000 trees to restore U.S. fire scars

The Terwilliger Fire, in the South Fork McKenzie Basin, was particularly destructive. But help is here.

Tree planting

Your trees in Mexico

Your trees in Mexico are helping restoring vital ecosystems.


Why the climate movement needs rural women

Climate change does not affect everyone equally. Watch this video to learn more about how Ecosia’s tree-planting partners empower women.


Can Ecosia plant 1 billion trees for the Great Green Wall?

With the right support, we can restore 10 million hectares along the Great Green Wall, and monitor the entire project.

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