All the latest news from the tree-planting search engine.


You can’t nurse the Earth back to health with half-measures: Ecosia’s regeneration report

We don’t mess with half-measures, so our report can be summed up in three simple points.


Designed for you, built for the planet: the new Ecosia Browser

We’re really excited to share our new browser, with green features that make your daily browsing experience the simple way to have a lasting impact.


Choose the planet, choose Ecosia: why you’re going to be asked to pick a search engine

If you live in the EU, Google and Apple will ask you if you want to choose Ecosia (again). Here's all you need to know.


200 million trees

Here's to 200 million thriving trees, and counting.

Green Investments

Our climate impact projects

We dedicate 100% of our profits to climate action. Here are ten projects we've supported.


We’re calling out COP28

COP28 might sound like satire, but it’s real. That’s why, at the outset of COP28, we got together with climate activists to hold COP28 accountable.


Why am I not seeing Ecosia on Chrome anymore?

Ecosia might not look as expected, but you can still use your search bar as usual. We’re on it!


Better search: what we've been working on

We're always working on improving your search experience and helping you have a bigger impact with Ecosia. Here's what's new.

Climate Action

Forget sustainability reports. It’s time to ask a new question.

Instead of aiming for neutrality, let’s look at the positive impact an organization could have.


How we’re supporting urban tree equity in New York

We joined forces with Bronx is Blooming to support urban tree equity and environmental justice in New York City.


We've updated your personal tree counter

We’ve updated your personal tree counter to make it even easier for you to keep track of your impact on Ecosia.


Introducing dark mode

Dark mode has been your most requested feature — and for good reason. We’re very happy to announce it’s finally here.

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