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An update about our trees in north-west Madagascar

We’d like to share our perspective on what happened in Madagascar, what we learned, and what we’re doing now.


From LA to London: why we’re planting urban trees

Urban trees are not just vital to reduce temperatures during heatwaves. They're also a matter of climate justice.


It should be easy to switch search engines: 10 principles for fair choice screens

You should be allowed to opt for whichever search engine you prefer. That’s why we’ve been campaigning for fairness in the search engine market for many years now.


Introducing freetree: our new browser extension that lets you plant trees while you shop online

freetree lets you plant trees while you’re on the website, not just when you’re searching for it.

Climate Action

We’re all in: the Ecosia manifesto

We just planted our 150 millionth tree, but our work is just beginning. Today, we’re going all in. Here’s what that looks like — here’s our manifesto.


Moving from grey to green: how this East London community transformed their neighborhood

For the last few years we’ve been working to improve access to nature across the UK and support nature-based therapeutic interventions.


Our time on Earth: the importance of creativity in the fight against climate change

The Barbican will transform into an experiential space focused on the ecological future of our planet.


It’s time to power up. Ecosia invests 20 million into renewables to counter fossil fuel dependence

Like many, I am distraught at the destruction wrought by Putin's attack on Ukraine. And I wonder what we at Ecosia can do to help.


Tech for the planet: Tim Schumacher on launching World Fund

World Fund, Europe’s largest climate tech venture capital fund, announced its launch today. We talk to Tim Schumacher who is a founding partner and has also played a crucial role in building Ecosia.


Join the #EcosiaWildfireRelief to fight fires and restore forests!

We’ll use 100% of our profits to fund firefighters in Brazil and plant trees in the US and Australia.


Our plan to plant more trees, faster: introducing Ecosia Trees

With Ecosia Trees, we’re encouraging other businesses to plant trees with us: the right species, in the right place, on a bigger-than-ever scale.


Meet the Ecosia x Earth Uprising Microgrant Winners

In October of last year, we launched Ecosia’s first-ever youth microgrants fund. See who won and how to apply.

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