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Will COVID-19 make the climate crisis worse?

The sudden drop in CO2 emissions as a result of a slow down in our economic activity won't be enough to mitigate climate warming. In fact, it might make things worse.


Ecosia is now a default search engine option in Chrome!

Chrome has added Ecosia as an official search engine option in 47 countries worldwide.


Supporting Summer of Code participants to make open source more diverse

Ecosia will support diversity in Open Source programming by providing a safe working environment in our new Berlin office. Join us!


Why you can't choose Ecosia on your new Android phone

Android users deserve to choose their favorite search engine. Google’s decision to sell that choice to the highest bidders is unethical and anti-competitive.


Meet the young women fighting for climate justice

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating a few notable young women who are making history by fighting for our planet.

Ecosia on Campus

Ecosia on Campus: Universities are turning their searches into trees

As Ecosia’s student ambassadors return to university for the spring, more and more academic institutions are setting Ecosia as the default search engine across campus computers.


1000 trees in one day, or how two women are changing the rules of farming

The GonneGirls want to prove that sustainable agriculture is not only perfectly feasible, but that it can feed entire communities.


Is the trillion trees campaign good news?

Planting a trillion trees might be the only thing Donald Trump and Jane Goodall don’t disagree about. What are its pitfalls?


You did it. Ecosia searches will plant 26,446 trees in Australia!

The trees will be planted without delay. We also have long-term plans.


On Thursday, all searches will plant trees in Australia

We will use 100% of our profits to help regenerate the country’s ecosystem by planting native, subtropical trees in the Byron Bay area, which is a biodiversity hotspot that has been badly affected by wildfires.


Facing the flames

We have to start where we can. Who are we to be to one another? How are we to care for our future?

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