We are on a mission to regenerate degraded landscapes, support rural communities and establish climate justice, one tree at a time. See for yourself!


What makes trees thrive in India?

Here’s a fact that might surprise you: most trees you plant won't survive. But don't fret, it's entirely normal.


How do trees bring back rivers?

We all depend on clean water. But rivers worldwide are drying out. In Ghana, tree buffers are bringing back a once depleted river.


From dryland to forest in just 5 years

Your searches helped us plant 750,000 with 500 families in Senegal. You won’t believe the results. See for yourself in our latest video!


We’re calling out COP28

COP28 might sound like satire, but it’s real. That’s why, at the outset of COP28, we got together with climate activists to hold COP28 accountable.


Cutting down trees… for the climate?

Why would we plant trees to cut them down again? Find out in our newest video from Uganda.


Can we plant trees without plastic?

If not plastic tubes and bags, what other material could we use to grow millions of tree saplings around the world?


This summer, choose a green festival

The average festival produces as much CO2 as three single-story houses per day. Can the music industry go green and what would it take?

Tree Updates

Tree-planting Update: Episode 37

In this episode we show you how we count the trees you helped us plant when visiting a site. With a measurement tape in hand, join us in counting some trees!


When tree planting pays off (literally)

What if environmental work could actually be good both for both the planet and the economy? Meet Marcela in Brazil.


Tree-planting update: Episode 36

In this 36th tree update, we take you along on our tree monitoring trip in Madagascar. From the hilly south, across the dry north, to the muddy coast.


How wildfires are started — and how to stop them

In this episode of our Climate Brief series, we tell you everything about wildfires that you don’t hear about in the news – and how we can stop them.


Tree-planting update: Episode 35

Brazil is famous for the Amazon rainforest. But there is another rainforest that covers the east coast of Brazil – the Mata Atlântica.In this video, I hand it over to the tree planters working on the ground to show you agroforestry systems and forest corridors.

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