We are on a mission to regenerate degraded landscapes, support rural communities and establish climate justice, one tree at a time. See for yourself!


How wildlife patrols protect the world’s remaining wildlife

In the past 50 years the world has lost about 60% of its original wildlife. Martin and Steve are wildlife patrols in Sumatra, Indonesia, helping protect the last place on Earth where elephants, rhinos and orangutans coexist in the wild.


How to help the environment in a structural way

Here are five easy things you can do to help the planet by shaking the structures harming our planet.

Tree Updates

Tree-Planting Update: Episode 29

The latest updates on your trees in Australia, India and many other places. Watch the video to find out how we’re planting trees through radio shows and what new partners recently joined the Ecosia tree craze!


Why the climate movement needs rural women

Climate change does not affect everyone equally. Watch this video to learn more about how Ecosia’s tree-planting partners empower women.


The search engine that plants trees: what’s Ecosia and how does it work?

We’ve spent the last decade building a search engine called Ecosia. Here's how it works.


2020: The Year in Trees

Despite all the pain the world went through in 2020, Ecosians turned this into the year of the forest.


Why this retired farmer keeps planting trees

Farmer Manuel is over 60 years old and fully retired, yet he continues to plant trees. Not for himself, but for future generations.


Tree-Planting Update 27

Updates from your trees in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Burkina Faso, including new satellite images of your trees!

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