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Rural development and trees can coexist

In the last few decades, deforestation has become a huge problem in Nigeria. The timber industry, agriculture, and rapid urbanization have brought ecosystems to the point of collapse. To counter this trend, we're planting trees on and around farms. This doesn't just bring forests back. It also improves young people's incomes, protects farms against the effects of climate change, and stimulates biodiversity. It turns out that trees and rural development can go hand-in-hand.

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Planting method

Nurseries and propagation

Planting season


Main threats

Desertification, Overgrazing, Fires, Timber industry

Wildlife protected

+150 mammals, +1000 birds, +200 reptiles


High demand for forest products, especially timber; low investment in tree planting
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Top trees species

Terminalia ivorensis
Native Species Endangered
Khaya grandifolia
Native Species Endangered
Nauclear diderichii
Native Species Endangered
Parkia biglobosa
Native Species Endangered
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