At Ecosia, we plant trees where they're needed most. Browse through our tree-planting portfolio to learn where the trees stand, which species we plant, what their impact is and much more!


Helping our partners in Morocco rebuild after the earthquake

What we're doing to support our partners High Atlas Foundation after a devastating earthquake in Morocco


Taking the heat out of wildfires by creating sustainable cooking fuel

With wildfires on the increase around the world, a creative approach to managing this problem is being trialed in Ghana.

Climate Crisis

Can wildfires be good?

Some forests were born to burn. To restore them, we need to protect them from bad fire and then carefully reintroduce good fire back onto the landscape.


How Acacia Senegal trees change the lives and roles of women in a Sudanese village

For the women of Shagra, the income from the sale of the amber-like raw material improves their livelihoods as well as their role within their families and villages.

Tree planting

Your trees in the Philippines

In the Philippines, we are planting native seedlings to restore the land, and creating agroforestry systems with smallholder farmers.


Your searches plant 13,000 trees to restore U.S. fire scars

The Terwilliger Fire, in the South Fork McKenzie Basin, was particularly destructive. But help is here.


Ecosia trees are going in the ground near NHS hospitals across the UK

Our first UK tree planting project supports mental health, improves access to nature, and reduces air pollution.


Trees against hunger in Senegal

The effects of climate change are harming smallholder farmers in Senegal. Planting trees on their fields helps them take charge of their future.


This farmer saves rivers by planting trees

Stories of hope seldom make headlines these days. But they are just as real. Discover Naliaka’s story of hope.


Wangari Maathai’s reforestation revolution (feat. your trees!)

Wangari Maathai would have been 80 years old today. Learn more about her tree-planting revolution.


The people who plant your trees react to your messages

We delivered your messages to the people who plant your trees. Watch their response, and make the connection.


Is everyone getting tree planting wrong? Here’s how to get it right!

One of the biggest lies of our times is that planting trees is simple. But it’s easy to tell the difference between sustainable and destructive tree-planting, once you know where to look.

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