All the info and all the stories about our tree-planting projects from around the world.


This farmer saves rivers by planting trees

Stories of hope seldom make headlines these days. But they are just as real. Discover Naliaka’s story of hope.


Wangari Maathai’s reforestation revolution (feat. your trees!)

Wangari Maathai would have been 80 years old today. Learn more about her tree-planting revolution.


The people who plant your trees react to your messages

We delivered your messages to the people who plant your trees. Watch their response, and make the connection.


Is everyone getting tree planting wrong? Here’s how to get it right!

One of the biggest lies of our times is that planting trees is simple. But it’s easy to tell the difference between sustainable and destructive tree-planting, once you know where to look.


Our project in the Usambara Mountains: an update

Any tree planting organization that wishes to partner with Ecosia must pass a rigorous vetting process.


Protecting Kenya's rivers with trees

In Kenya we saw how trees safeguard clean water for millions of people across Africa.


Travel diary: returning to Ethiopia

During our recent trip to Ethiopia, we saw how your searches have a profound effect on the people living there.


How trees brought back Senegal’s national dish: with recipe

Forests and farms can coexist, and even help each other thrive. In Senegal, this has led to the return of a famous stew.


Our project in Senegal

We never have to choose between forests and fields. When trees and agriculture coexist, people thrive.


Deforestation in Peru: a slippery slope

Peru’s forests are disappearing. But there’s hope. Farmers who have never met are helping one another by reforesting their land.


The women behind our projects

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the extraordinary women we’ve met on our journey to document your trees around the world.

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