Your searches plant 13,000 trees to restore U.S. fire scars

The Terwilliger Fire, in the South Fork McKenzie Basin, was particularly destructive. But help is here.

Ethical Tech

Under pressure, Google abandons its pay-for-play auction screen on Android

Google said it would abandon the pay-for-play model in September 2021.


Our plan to plant more trees, faster: introducing Ecosia Trees

With Ecosia Trees, we’re encouraging other businesses to plant trees with us: the right species, in the right place, on a bigger-than-ever scale.


How to help the environment in a structural way

Here are five easy things you can do to help the planet by shaking the structures harming our planet.


Your trees in Guatemala

Your trees in Guatemala are inspiring and empowering communities to protect nearby forests.

Antonia Burchard-Levine

Mental Health Awareness Week: Staying connected to each other and holding onto hope

Suzi Tarrant on the benefits of nature on wellbeing and how a hopeful and proactive approach to climate action can soothe feelings of anxiety about the climate crisis.

Climate Action

Anti-food waste app Too Good to Go

We believe businesses must change and prioritize the planet over profit, and we present these companies to show how this can be done.

Climate Action

The carbon tax that puts money in your pocket: Q&A with Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The CCL is fighting for a carbon tax that places the burden of responsibility on big polluters. The funds raised would be returned as monthly dividends to citizens.

Climate Action

Ecosia x Insight Timer: tackle climate anxiety and help the planet!

Self-care is Earth-care! Plant trees by joining this mindfulness challenge


What does it take to become a climate activist?

To give you a better idea of what climate activism entails, we decided to talk to different activists about what activism means for them, and what advice they have for those who are just starting out.

Elise Jost
Tree Updates

Tree-Planting Update: Episode 29

The latest updates on your trees in Australia, India and many other places. Watch the video to find out how we’re planting trees through radio shows and what new partners recently joined the Ecosia tree craze!


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