Tech for the planet: Tim Schumacher on launching World Fund

World Fund, Europe’s largest climate tech venture capital fund, announced its launch today. We talk to Tim Schumacher who is a founding partner and has also played a crucial role in building Ecosia.


Tree Update 32

In Tree Update 32, we talk about how good tree planting means engaging the local community so they don’t just have an interest in planting trees, but also in not cutting them down again. How do we do this? That depends on the project and the place.


Is democracy too slow to achieve climate justice?

Is democracy too slow to achieve climate justice? We believe the contrary to be true. Only more democracy will save the climate. Watch episode 5 of Climate Brief, an Ecosia original series.

Ecosia on Campus

Ecosia on Campus: 140,000 trees and counting

The Ecosia on Campus movement has grown tremendously over the past three years, inspiring students at over 280 universities to launch their own campaigns across the globe.


Do climate protests work?

Many climate movements and protests have started in recent years. But do climate movements actually work? Watch episode 4 of Climate Brief to find out.

Climate Action

World Centric reinvents food containers

We spoke to Lauren Olson, Zero Waste Manager at World Centric to learn more about plastic alternatives.

Tree Updates

Tree-Planting Update: Episode 31

It's the rainy season which means it's planting time! In Tree-Update 31 we share which partners have taken your seedlings out of the nurseries and into the fields.


Your trees in Thailand

In Thailand, we are supporting rubber farmers to transform their monocultures into sustainable agroforestry rubber farms.

Antonia Burchard-Levine
Tree planting

Your trees in the Philippines

In the Philippines, we are planting native seedlings to restore the land, and creating agroforestry systems with smallholder farmers.


Why are trees so important?

This is the third episode of Climate Brief, an original Ecosia YouTube series. This time: why trees are so important.


Thank you for fighting wildfires and restoring burnt forests!

On Tuesday, the Ecosia community stepped up and showed what’s possible when we unite behind a common cause.


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