Opinions and perspectives on the climate crisis from experts, activists and other extraordinary people.


Protecting the right to wild camp in England

A recent protest on Dartmoor is arguing for people’s right to nature


Do radical protest movements actually work?

Protests, especially unpopular ones, can look like failures in the short-term. But evidence suggests that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Organize, organize, organize

What we can do is a series drawing inspiration from the changemakers of our time. Matthias Schmelzer is an activist-researcher on the topic of degrowth.


View from the ground: what the Inflation Reduction Act means for trees

What our American tree-planting partners think about the new US Climate Bill.


Mental Health Awareness Week: Staying connected to each other and holding onto hope

Suzi Tarrant on the benefits of nature on wellbeing and how a hopeful and proactive approach to climate action can soothe feelings of anxiety about the climate crisis.


Google's "choice screen" restricts consumer choice and its "privacy sandbox" disrespects privacy

Google’s disregard for consumer choice and privacy (not to mention regulation) will further cement its dominance in the advertising and search space.


Sustainability won’t save us. Why our future depends on regeneration.

Neutral is no longer enough. Our planet needs a new paradigm.


Would the conversation about climate change be different if it weren’t in English?

The relationship between language and the climate movement is often overlooked. This blindspot has many practical implications.


How industrial agriculture created a global environmental injustice

Agribusiness has heavily altered ecosystems: modern agriculture contributes to around 10.5% of greenhouse emissions in the United States.


Online privacy is a right

While the scientific consensus on climate change has gradually penetrated mainstream consciousness, privacy remains a topic that many of us attribute to a separate, and niche conversation.


Decolonizing the climate change conversation

Many of us have heard of the term “climate justice”, but it requires real effort and introspection to understand what it means, and then to act on it.


The Links Between Industrial Agriculture & Environmental Racism

Industrial agriculture is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, and often involved environmental racism. How can we fix it?

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