Opinions and perspectives on the climate crisis from experts, activists and other extraordinary people.


Diversity within environmentalism is not new, it’s just been erased

The Environmental Justice movement is one of the most critical movements within environmentalism. So why isn’t it more widely spoken about?


COVID-19 is tearing apart Google’s competitors - here's what we must do to combat this

Last week, our good friends at the alternative search engine Cliqz announced they would have to close it down.


What if social entrepreneurship became business as usual?

To everyone sitting at home thinking of ways to help their community: consider if we shifted to thinking about business as a means of social good.


The pandemic lays bare just how futile conscious consumerism is

This crisis makes clear that we can't think of ourselves as just consumers, and instead remember our most important roles as neighbors, friends, family, and citizens.


How to help the environment without donating money

Instead of donating your money, you can be smarter about how it’s being invested on your behalf.


An Ecosia developer visits our reforestation project in Brazil

Visiting Ecosia's reforestation project in Brazil has changed how I think about coding and my home.


Can technology solve climate change?

The renewed interest in carbon capture and geoengineering is a reaction to our failure to reduce emissions. But are these technologies safe?


Is the trillion trees campaign good news?

Planting a trillion trees might be the only thing Donald Trump and Jane Goodall don’t disagree about. What are its pitfalls?


Facing the flames

We have to start where we can. Who are we to be to one another? How are we to care for our future?

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