Dubbed the farm of the world, Brazil’s forests have been cleared mostly for cattle holding and growing fodder to satisfy worldwide meat consumption. Thanks to your searches, we are restoring the Atlantic Forest, which used to be as lush (and as threatened) as the Amazon. Today, only about 20% of the forest remains. Your trees here are protecting 60% of Brazil’s endangered species of animals and plants. This means that each tree has a significant impact on wildlife.


When tree planting pays off (literally)

What if environmental work could actually be good both for both the planet and the economy? Meet Marcela in Brazil.


Tree-planting update: Episode 35

Brazil is famous for the Amazon rainforest. But there is another rainforest that covers the east coast of Brazil – the Mata Atlântica.In this video, I hand it over to the tree planters working on the ground to show you agroforestry systems and forest corridors.


The Amazon fires are back and worse than ever, and it’s not just climate change that's to blame

I’ve spoken to tree-planters and firefighters on the ground, and they’ve already seen about 30% more fires in their region than last year. Why?


An Ecosia developer visits our reforestation project in Brazil

Visiting Ecosia's reforestation project in Brazil has changed how I think about coding and my home.


After the Amazon Fires: who protects the world's forests?

The Amazon Fires have sparked an important question: who is responsible for protecting the world's forests?


2+1 million trees for Brazil

Installs of Ecosia have increased by a 1000% in only a week. The Amazon fires have brought Ecosia much attention and we are responding to the trust our (new) users put in us by increasing our efforts in Brazil.


Why is Brazil's Amazon Forest burning up?

A sense of insecurity reigns among environmental organizations in Brazil. Bolsonaro's policies are weakening the work of conservationists and threatening the Amazon Forest as a result.


The tree-planters behind your searches in Brazil

Meet some of the more than 300 organizations within PACTO, Ecosia's tree-planting partners in Brazil.


One million trees for Brazil

Since Bolsonaro's rise to power, deforestation in Brazil has drastically increased. As a reaction, Ecosia has committed to planting 1 million additional trees in Brazil.


Indigenous groups in Brazil: the threat of Bolsonaro

Only half a year after his election, Brazil's president is rapidly delivering on his unsettling campaign promises regarding the Amazon.


50! Million! Trees!

50 million trees means 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. But it means so much more…


Tree-planters by day, firefighters by night

The fires are often started on purpose – and illegally – by cattle farmers trying to expand their pastures.

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