Tree-planting update: Episode 35



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Welcome to Tree-Update 35!

Brazil is famous for the Amazon rainforest.  But there is another rainforest that covers the east coast of Brazil – the Mata Atlântica. Much like the Amazon, the Atlantic Rainforest is a biodiversity hotspot greatly threatened by deforestation.

In this video, I hand it over to the tree planters working on the ground – Felipe, Joaquim, and Laury Jr. What does planting the right tree in the right way look like across four different tree-planting sites? This episode covers the importance of agroforestry systems, the necessity of collaborating with indigenous people to restore native land, and how planting forest corridors helps endangered species repopulate.

Watch to learn more on how your searches are planting trees where they are needed most.

A big thank you to our partners at Instituto Espihnaço, CEPAN and IPE - obrigada!

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