Informative articles and infographics about why, how and where Ecosia plants trees.


How wildfires are started — and how to stop them

In this episode of our Climate Brief series, we tell you everything about wildfires that you don’t hear about in the news – and how we can stop them.


Do climate protests work?

Many climate movements and protests have started in recent years. But do climate movements actually work? Watch episode 4 of Climate Brief to find out.


How to help the environment in a structural way

Here are five easy things you can do to help the planet by shaking the structures harming our planet.


Why you should convince your boss to switch to Ecosia

If you’ve already been using Ecosia across your personal devices, you might also have thought about the impact it could have if your entire organization did the same.


How you can save the Green (New) Deals

The science is clear: to avoid climate collapse, we mustn't surpass a global 2°C rise in temperatures. Two Green New Deal proposals, one in the US and another in the European Union, lay out a plan. But world leaders are watering them down.


The Climate Crisis is a Health Crisis

While we cannot ignore the impact that the climate crisis is having on ecosystems and wildlife, we would be wise to understand the dire consequences it is having on our own health.


How regenerative agriculture can curb climate change

The way we are cultivating crops nowadays is not sustainable. It’s not good for us and it’s not good for wildlife or the planet. Here’s how Regenerative Agriculture could change everything.


Heat wave 2020: can Europe’s forests survive it?

A heat wave across the European continent is expected to put forests in Western and Central Europe under serious strain. In Germany, for example, about 97% of forests are not well equipped for a heating planet.


What’s intersectional environmentalism? A conversation with Aditi Mayer

Climate justice is about understanding the root of how systems have been constructed to disproportionately affect certain communities.


How to plant a tree

Planting a tree may seem like an easy thing to do. But many things can go wrong in the process of reforestation. This is the Ecosia quick guide to tree-planting.


The importance of forests and how we can protect them

From the bushfires in Australia, to the slow destruction of the Amazon forest. Now more than ever, the world's forests need our attention.


Can technology solve climate change?

The renewed interest in carbon capture and geoengineering is a reaction to our failure to reduce emissions. But are these technologies safe?

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