Informative articles and infographics about why, how and where Ecosia plants trees.


Heat wave 2020: can Europe’s forests survive it?

A heat wave across the European continent is expected to put forests in Western and Central Europe under serious strain. In Germany, for example, about 97% of forests are not well equipped for a heating planet.


What’s intersectional environmentalism? A conversation with Aditi Mayer

Climate justice is about understanding the root of how systems have been constructed to disproportionately affect certain communities.


How to help the environment while you #stayhome

Here are five easy things you can do to help the entire planet without leaving your home!


How to plant a tree

Planting a tree may seem like an easy thing to do. But many things can go wrong in the process of reforestation. This is the Ecosia quick guide to tree-planting.


The importance of forests and how we can protect them

From the bushfires in Australia, to the slow destruction of the Amazon forest. Now more than ever, the world's forests need our attention.


Can technology solve climate change?

The renewed interest in carbon capture and geoengineering is a reaction to our failure to reduce emissions. But are these technologies safe?


How to talk to your family about climate change

It’s become difficult to avoid talking about the climate crisis – which might be a good thing. Here’s how you can change minds.


Is Ecosia legit? 10 questions for Ecosia’s Founder and CEO

For Ecosia’s 10th year since its founding, we asked its CEO and creator your 10 most frequently asked questions.


Is everyone getting tree planting wrong? Here’s how to get it right!

One of the biggest lies of our times is that planting trees is simple. But it’s easy to tell the difference between sustainable and destructive tree-planting, once you know where to look.


The circular economy: is fast going out of fashion?

Runaway consumerism is trashing our planet. It's time to find an alternative.


How to stay sane in the age of climate change

More and more people are suffering from climate anxiety. In this podcast episode, we talk to a psychotherapist on how to cope.

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