Ecosia is ready for change. We recognize need for systemic change to mitigate the climate crisis, and we believe that activism will help bring those changes about. Ecosia allows its employees to strike for the climate without taking holiday leave, and supports those who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience with legal assistance. Learn more about how to be an activist!


Improving access to nature for all is vital for our post COVID-19 collective health and wellbeing

During COVID-19 the benefits of spending time in nature have become crystal clear. But it has also highlighted wide disparities. Here’s why we need to prioritize improved access and equal distribution of environmental benefits, resources and opportunities for everyone.


Black Lives Matter

Ecosia stands against systemic racism and police brutality.


How a son is teaching ecological farming to his father

Can farming make space for nature? Farmer Miguel Ángel thinks it can. For his father, Miguel, this means he is now unlearning agricultural practices he has been applying for decades.

Ecosia on Campus

Ecosia on Campus: Digital activists in the time of COVID-19

Students are studying from the safety of their home and tackling climate change at the same time.


How to help the environment while you #stayhome

Here are five easy things you can do to help the entire planet without leaving your home!


The pandemic lays bare just how futile conscious consumerism is

This crisis makes clear that we can't think of ourselves as just consumers, and instead remember our most important roles as neighbors, friends, family, and citizens.


Wangari Maathai’s reforestation revolution (feat. your trees!)

Wangari Maathai would have been 80 years old today. Learn more about her tree-planting revolution.


Meet the young women fighting for climate justice

For International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating a few notable young women who are making history by fighting for our planet.

Ecosia on Campus

Ecosia on Campus: Universities are turning their searches into trees

As Ecosia’s student ambassadors return to university for the spring, more and more academic institutions are setting Ecosia as the default search engine across campus computers.


If you haven’t heard of Vanessa Nakate, read this.

The 23-years-old climate activist from Uganda spoke to us about climate change in Uganda, the Congo Rainforest, and being a black organizer of climate strikes.


How to talk to your family about climate change

It’s become difficult to avoid talking about the climate crisis – which might be a good thing. Here’s how you can change minds.

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