Ecosia is ready for change. We recognize need for systemic change to mitigate the climate crisis, and we believe that activism will help bring those changes about. Ecosia allows its employees to strike for the climate without taking holiday leave, and supports those who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience with legal assistance. Learn more about how to be an activist!


Your voice on climate counts: revenue from all US searches goes towards Earthjustice until polls close

Voting in the US election this year is a crucial opportunity to vote for the climate. Ecosia can't vote, but what we can do is donate the revenue from all US searches to Earthjustice. Here's why.


Trees can't vote — but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have a voice

What if we reevaluated our interactions with, and relationships to, the very trees and plants that we threaten to destroy, or use to breathe, and viewed them as having not only a stake, but an effect in and on human political decisions


Harriet Bradley from BirdLife Europe on why the EU needs to #WithdrawTheCAP

We talked with Harriet Bradley from BirdLife Europe on the EU’s new Common Agricultural Policy, why it’s bad news for trees and the environment, and how you can help to withdraw it.


You can now apply to the Ecosia x Earth Uprising Microgrants Fund

Young people’s grassroots activism has ushered in a new era of climate action. In an effort to amplify the work of youth climate activists on the front lines of the climate battle, we’ve partnered with Earth Uprising.


Brazil's forests are on fire again. Here's how you can help

Last year, Brazil lost about 310,000 acres of biodiverse forest land. In 2020, we’re on the same tragic track. Here's how you can help.


Ecosia & Earth Uprising join forces to amplify the work of youth activists

On the eve of Earth Overshoot Day, Ecosia joins forces with Earth Uprising, the youth-led climate organization founded by 15-year-old Alexandria Villaseñor.


How Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are reclaiming the tech industry

It's about creating a space that reminds you that you’re not alone.


What’s intersectional environmentalism? A conversation with Aditi Mayer

Climate justice is about understanding the root of how systems have been constructed to disproportionately affect certain communities.


Improving access to nature for all is vital for our post COVID-19 collective health and wellbeing

During COVID-19 the benefits of spending time in nature have become crystal clear. But it has also highlighted wide disparities. Here’s why we need to prioritize improved access and equal distribution of environmental benefits, resources and opportunities for everyone.


Black Lives Matter

Ecosia stands against systemic racism and police brutality.


How a son is teaching ecological farming to his father

Can farming make space for nature? Farmer Miguel Ángel thinks it can. For his father, Miguel, this means he is now unlearning agricultural practices he has been applying for decades.

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