Ecosia is ready for change. We recognize need for systemic change to mitigate the climate crisis, and we believe that activism will help bring those changes about. Ecosia allows its employees to strike for the climate without taking holiday leave, and supports those who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience with legal assistance. Learn more about how to be an activist!

Ecosia on Campus

Ecosia on Campus: 140,000 trees and counting

The Ecosia on Campus movement has grown tremendously over the past three years, inspiring students at over 280 universities to launch their own campaigns across the globe.


Do climate protests work?

Many climate movements and protests have started in recent years. But do climate movements actually work? Watch episode 4 of Climate Brief to find out.


Changing the ground rules to protect what we love: the Earth

Stop Ecocide aims to make the most severe and widespread destruction of ecosystems an international crime prosecutable by the International Criminal Court.

Ethical Tech

Under pressure, Google abandons its pay-for-play auction screen on Android

Google said it would abandon the pay-for-play model in September 2021.


How to help the environment in a structural way

Here are five easy things you can do to help the planet by shaking the structures harming our planet.

Climate Action

The carbon tax that puts money in your pocket: Q&A with Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The CCL is fighting for a carbon tax that places the burden of responsibility on big polluters. The funds raised would be returned as monthly dividends to citizens.


What does it take to become a climate activist?

To give you a better idea of what climate activism entails, we decided to talk to different activists about what activism means for them, and what advice they have for those who are just starting out.

Climate Action

Tools for a post-growth society – an interview with Imeh Ituen

Samie Blasingame sat down with climate activist Imeh to learn more about her personal hopes for the year ahead.


Meet the Ecosia x Earth Uprising Microgrant Winners

In October of last year, we launched Ecosia’s first-ever youth microgrants fund. See who won and how to apply.


Decolonizing the climate change conversation

Many of us have heard of the term “climate justice”, but it requires real effort and introspection to understand what it means, and then to act on it.


Your voice on climate counts: revenue from all US searches goes towards Earthjustice until polls close

Voting in the US election this year is a crucial opportunity to vote for the climate. Ecosia can't vote, but what we can do is donate the revenue from all US searches to Earthjustice. Here's why.

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