Why you should convince your boss to switch to Ecosia

In just 10 years, Ecosia has grown into one of the world's leading tree-planting organizations, planting more than 500 native and biologically diverse tree species around the world. More recently, companies and organizations have been joining our fight against the climate crisis by switching to Ecosia, thereby helping to plant hundreds of thousands of trees through their searches.

If you’ve already been using Ecosia across your personal devices, you might also have thought about the impact it could have if your entire organization did the same. Here are five excellent reasons that can help you convince your employer or organization to switch to Ecosia:

1. An entire company using Ecosia can plant so many trees!

When an entire organization switches to Ecosia, it has a far greater impact than just a single person. If we really want to make a difference, we need to work together. More people using Ecosia means that more searches are made, which means we can plant even more trees. So why not switch over the whole organization?

2. Ecosia helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Thanks to our own solar plants, Ecosia is powered by 200% renewable energy. In other words, we produce more renewable energy that we need. By adding solar energy to the grid, we help accelerate the energy transition away from fossil fuels. Additionally, the millions of trees we have planted fight the climate crisis by removing thousands of tonnes of CO2 from the air — every day.

3. Using Ecosia can improve your organization's sustainability strategy

With Ecosia, sustainability can become an effortless part of your daily work. With every search you make, you help restore forests while reducing your organization's environmental footprint. But your influence doesn't end with the trees we plant together or the amount of CO2 that is removed from the atmosphere! Every tree also brings us closer to a future where the planet and people matter more than profit, where our privacy is protected, where companies are transparent, where renewable energy is the only acceptable option, and where environmental and social justice is promoted rather than suppressed.

For larger organizations who want to visualize their impact, we are able to track the total number of trees planted and provide a monthly tree report. To measure your impact with Ecosia, please complete this request form and one of the team will be in touch.

4. Switching to Ecosia is easy and costs you nothing

While we appreciate that getting the OK from your CEO may take a while, technically speaking, switching to Ecosia is relatively straightforward! All that’s required of IT is to update the organization's browser GPO settings (a standard procedure for system administrators). Learn more about making the simple switch.

5. Ecosia respects your privacy

Are you aware of how much your current search engine knows about you and your search habits? Ecosia isn't interested in what you're looking for during your lunch break. We want to plant trees, not track your data. For this reason, we never create user profiles and all of the search terms we receive are permanently deleted within a week. You can refer to our privacy policy for more information.
By switching to Ecosia, organizations can commit to fighting climate change by planting trees that create a greener and fairer future. We have several resources to support your organization making the switch to Ecosia. The ​Ecosia for organizations page includes a due diligence guide and corporate engagement pack to help you persuade senior management to make the switch to help plant trees. Help us spread the word!

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