Find out how agriculture is connected to tree-planting and climate change, and explore innovative ways in which fields and forests can coexist.


What is regenerative agriculture and can it be scaled?

Soil is fundamental to growing food and can play a huge role in carbon sequestration. Watch episode 2 of our Youtube series on regenerative agriculture, this time on the role of soil management in scaling small-scale farms.


Money can grow on trees

Planting the right tree in the right place and in the right way looks different across Ecosia’s projects. But when trees play ecological and economic roles in restoration, both local communities and trees tend to thrive.


How regenerative farming promotes climate justice

Can food save the world? Watch episode 1 of our YouTube series on regenerative agriculture. In this episode: why small-scale farming can restore climate justice.


How industrial agriculture created a global environmental injustice

Agribusiness has heavily altered ecosystems: modern agriculture contributes to around 10.5% of greenhouse emissions in the United States.


Why this retired farmer keeps planting trees

Farmer Manuel is over 60 years old and fully retired, yet he continues to plant trees. Not for himself, but for future generations.


Can we withdraw the CAP? How the EU works

The European Commission could still withdraw the CAP. But whether that happens could depend on how much pressure we put, not just on the EU, but on the member states.


How regenerative agriculture can curb climate change

The way we are cultivating crops nowadays is not sustainable. It’s not good for us and it’s not good for wildlife or the planet. Here’s how Regenerative Agriculture could change everything.


How a son is teaching ecological farming to his father

Can farming make space for nature? Farmer Miguel Ángel thinks it can. For his father, Miguel, this means he is now unlearning agricultural practices he has been applying for decades.


1000 trees in one day, or how two women are changing the rules of farming

The GonneGirls want to prove that sustainable agriculture is not only perfectly feasible, but that it can feed entire communities.


Regenerative agriculture: why Ecosia decided to support a permaculture farm in France

Industrial agriculture depletes the soil, contaminates water, and harms biodiversity. But there are alternative ways of growing food.


European elections: why they’re important for the climate

These elections are crucial for the environment because the new European Parliament will have to decide on three main issues.


Our project in Senegal

We never have to choose between forests and fields. When trees and agriculture coexist, people thrive.

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