Climate anxiety

Does the climate crisis keep you awake at night? You're not alone. We are living through a climate emergency and a growing sense of panic has led to the phenomenon of climate or eco-anxiety. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with these feelings.


Pass the mic to young people

What we can do is an Ecosia blog series that interviews change-makers of our time. We spoke with Clover Hogan, a youth climate activist and founding executive director of the non-profit Force of Nature, about how to transform eco-anxiety into climate action.


How to turn climate anxiety into climate action

Climate anxiety is on the rise and many people are asking how to deal with feelings of despair, doom and grief. In this video, we share three steps to turn your climate anxiety into climate action.


Make Ecocide a crime

What we can do is a series drawing inspiration from the change-makers of our time. Jojo Mehta is advocating to make ecocide illegal worldwide.


Mental Health Awareness Week: Staying connected to each other and holding onto hope

Suzi Tarrant on the benefits of nature on wellbeing and how a hopeful and proactive approach to climate action can soothe feelings of anxiety about the climate crisis.

Climate Action

Ecosia x Insight Timer: tackle climate anxiety and help the planet!

Self-care is Earth-care! Plant trees by joining this mindfulness challenge


How to talk to your family about climate change

It’s become difficult to avoid talking about the climate crisis – which might be a good thing. Here’s how you can change minds.


How to stay sane in the age of climate change

More and more people are suffering from climate anxiety. In this podcast episode, we talk to a psychotherapist on how to cope.


How to cope with climate anxiety

Does the climate crisis keep you awake at night? You're not alone. Here's how to make a positive difference to the planet and your mindset.

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