Stories from Earth: with updates on Ecosia and our reforestation projects, conversations with remarkable environmentalists, fascinating facts and personal stories. Brought to you with love from Ecosia's HQ in Berlin and our reforestation projects around the world.


The radio show that plants trees

Ecosia is growing trees in Malawi – using radio! And without putting a single sapling in the ground.


How Ecosia protects your privacy online

We’re interested in trees, not your data. Why Ecosia is not creating a personal profile of you, and how Ecosia compares to other search engines.


A botanical adventure

Jonathan Drori has written a book – or love letter – about trees. We talk to him about his ongoing fascination.


An Ecosia developer visits our reforestation project in Brazil

Visiting Ecosia's reforestation project in Brazil has changed how I think about coding and my home.


How to stay sane in the age of climate change

More and more people are suffering from climate anxiety. In this podcast episode, we talk to a psychotherapist on how to cope.


Scientific proof that reforestation is the top climate change solution

The Crowther Lab's scientific discovery proves that forest restoration is the top climate change solution.


Sounds from our project in Andalusia, Spain

This episode explores our Spanish tree-planting project through interviews, a personal story, and sounds recorded at our reforestation site.


How to bring forests back without planting trees

In this episode, alternative Nobel Prize laureate Tony Rinaudo explains how to bring forests back through FMNR, an innovative technique.


Trees not profits: we're giving up our right to ever sell Ecosia

Because we believe that the world would be a better place if more businesses were driven by a meaningful cause instead of greed.


The people we meet

In this bonus episode of the Ecosia podcast, we take you behind the scenes of our reforestation projects in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia.


Real superheroes: the activists who risk their lives to defend the Earth

On this episode of the Ecosia podcast, we talk to Jonathan Watts, the Global Environment editor at the Guardian.


Introducing the Ecosia podcast!

What do our planting projects sound like? How many tree updates can we squeeze into one phone call?

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