Climate Action

Ecosia dedicates 100% of its profits to climate action, with more than 80% going to tree-planting projects around the world. Learn more about how to be a climate activist, how to reforest the world, and how to stay healthy and happy while doing so.


Is democracy too slow to achieve climate justice?

Is democracy too slow to achieve climate justice? We believe the contrary to be true. Only more democracy will save the climate. Watch episode 5 of Climate Brief, an Ecosia original series.

Climate Action

World Centric reinvents food containers

We spoke to Lauren Olson, Zero Waste Manager at World Centric to learn more about plastic alternatives.


Join the #EcosiaWildfireRelief to fight fires and restore forests!

We’ll use 100% of our profits to fund firefighters in Brazil and plant trees in the US and Australia.

Climate Action

Toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap

We talk to the toilet-buiding toilet paper social business.


Changing the ground rules to protect what we love: the Earth

Stop Ecocide aims to make the most severe and widespread destruction of ecosystems an international crime prosecutable by the International Criminal Court.

Climate Action

Anti-food waste app Too Good to Go

We believe businesses must change and prioritize the planet over profit, and we present these companies to show how this can be done.

Climate Action

The carbon tax that puts money in your pocket: Q&A with Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The CCL is fighting for a carbon tax that places the burden of responsibility on big polluters. The funds raised would be returned as monthly dividends to citizens.

Climate Action

Ecosia x Insight Timer: tackle climate anxiety and help the planet!

Self-care is Earth-care! Plant trees by joining this mindfulness challenge

Climate Action

Tools for a post-growth society – an interview with Imeh Ituen

Samie Blasingame sat down with climate activist Imeh to learn more about her personal hopes for the year ahead.

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