Climate Action

Ecosia dedicates 100% of its profits to climate action, with more than 80% going to tree-planting projects around the world. Learn more about how to be a climate activist, how to reforest the world, and how to stay healthy and happy while doing so.

Climate Action

European elections have never mattered more

From June 6th-9th 2024, European elections will determine the set-up of the European Parliament, which in turn will steer policy-making for the next five years — and this includes the climate.

Climate Action

Forget sustainability reports. It’s time to ask a new question.

Instead of aiming for neutrality, let’s look at the positive impact an organization could have.


How we’re supporting urban tree equity in New York

We joined forces with Bronx is Blooming to support urban tree equity and environmental justice in New York City.


From LA to London: why we’re planting urban trees

Urban trees are not just vital to reduce temperatures during heatwaves. They're also a matter of climate justice.


The Carbon Almanac: climate facts that lead to action

We talked to Seth Godin about The Carbon Almanac, a book of facts about climate change.

Climate Action

We’re all in: the Ecosia manifesto

We just planted our 150 millionth tree, but our work is just beginning. Today, we’re going all in. Here’s what that looks like — here’s our manifesto.


We’re launching our second urban tree equity project — in Chicago

We are teaming up with Chicago-based conservation nonprofit Openlands to support a green workforce training program for high school students in Chicago’s Southwest Side.

Ethical Tech

Why we are going (way) beyond neutral

We’ve just published our second Regenerative Report outlining how in 2021 we used 100% of our profits to contribute to the solution to two of humanity’s greatest problems: climate breakdown and the 6th mass extinction.


Moving from grey to green: how this East London community transformed their neighborhood

For the last few years we’ve been working to improve access to nature across the UK and support nature-based therapeutic interventions.

Climate Action

Plant trees when you play on Niantic’s Community Day

Ecosia is teaming up with Niantic to plant trees through Niantic’s monthly Community Days. This means that if you’re a Pokémon Go, Ingress, or Pikmin Bloom player, you may be able to plant trees with Ecosia just by playing outside.


How to turn climate anxiety into climate action

Climate anxiety is on the rise and many people are asking how to deal with feelings of despair, doom and grief. In this video, we share three steps to turn your climate anxiety into climate action.

Climate Action

Beyond Profit with Dr. Bronner’s

Beyond Profit is a collection of interviews to highlight the work of purpose-led brands. Dr. Bronner's is famous for its Liquid Castile Soap. In this interview, current president Michael Bronner talks about using business as a force for good to tackle social and environmental issues.

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