It’s time to power up. Ecosia invests 20 million into renewables to counter fossil fuel dependence


Christian Kroll

Christian is Ecosia's founder and CEO.

Like many, I am distraught at the destruction wrought by Putin's attack on Ukraine. I worry about the coming days and weeks. And I wonder what we at Ecosia can do to help.

At the same time, the UN’s IPCC report came out. It confirmed what we know: if we keep burning fossil fuels, we won’t be prepared for what’s coming. Those who have least contributed to the climate crisis will pay the greatest price.

These topics are not unrelated. They’re both rooted in fossil fuels.

Russia can afford this war because we have been buying its oil and gas. It yields influence by threatening to cut off its energy supply. This war — like many others — is driven by the global politics of Big Oil.

To stand with the people of Ukraine and to protect our planet, we need to put an end to our dependence on fossil fuels. And, with alternatives like wind and solar, we can.

At Ecosia, we’re trying to help in two ways.

First, to provide immediate support, we’ve backed #unterkunft, an initiative that helps refugees from Ukraine find shelter in Germany. Over 180,000 beds have already been pledged with the support of the Ecosia community. I’m moved by everyone’s generosity and solidarity. Volunteers are now matching refugees with hosts, and we’re offering office space for them to do this important work.

Second, we’re investing 20 million euros into renewables. This investment will allow 1,300 households in Germany to power their homes with solar energy. A 20 million investment in renewables is significant, especially given our previous 7 million euro investment into solar parks.

But the transition to renewable, local and independent energy will not be a one-company achievement. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a massive scale while insulating us from geopolitical threats, we need everyone to join us — companies, governments, and individuals. Ecosia is carbon negative and already produces twice as much renewable energy as we use. We encourage everyone to follow suit and become #FutureProof with us. Together, we can move the needle.

In moments of crisis, no one has to do everything, but we can all do something. Consider providing a bed for refugees if you can. If you have a business or work for one, join our efforts for clean and independent energy here, and please help us spread the word.

Thank you, and be safe,

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