Interviews with extraordinary people.


Organize, organize, organize

What we can do is a series drawing inspiration from the changemakers of our time. Matthias Schmelzer is an activist-researcher on the topic of degrowth.


The Carbon Almanac: climate facts that lead to action

We talked to Seth Godin about The Carbon Almanac, a book of facts about climate change.


Pass the mic to young people

What we can do is an Ecosia blog series that interviews change-makers of our time. We spoke with Clover Hogan, a youth climate activist and founding executive director of the non-profit Force of Nature, about how to transform eco-anxiety into climate action.


For Social Entrepreneurs: Lessons Learned in Resilience from Ecosia’s Founder

For the entrepreneurs struggling to get through the COVID-19 crisis: advice & lessons in resilience from Ecosia’s founder.


This farmer saves rivers by planting trees

Stories of hope seldom make headlines these days. But they are just as real. Discover Naliaka’s story of hope.


If you haven’t heard of Vanessa Nakate, read this.

The 23-years-old climate activist from Uganda spoke to us about climate change in Uganda, the Congo Rainforest, and being a black organizer of climate strikes.


How to talk to your family about climate change

It’s become difficult to avoid talking about the climate crisis – which might be a good thing. Here’s how you can change minds.


Moses used to produce charcoal. Now he's saving chimps by planting trees.

We met Moses in Uganda while visiting our reforestation project. The nursery he's managing there helps to sustain the local chimp population.


Jane Goodall on why there is still hope

Pieter sat down with primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall to talk chimpanzees, forest corridors and why we need to change attitudes.

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