The people who plant your trees react to your messages

You don't need to go on a silent meditation retreat to realize that we're all connected. Take Ecosia, for instance. By planting trees all over the world, your searches touch innumerable lives. You establish a connection with people who live thousands of miles away, speak a different language, and might never have used a search engine.

I think these connections are beautiful, and necessary. Helping people you've never met, who in turn help everyone by planting trees, is a revolutionary act in an increasing individualistic world.

The connection is real, but it remains abstract. So we tried to make it more concrete. Before visiting our reforestation project in Senegal, we asked our Instagram followers to record a message for the tree planters we were going to meet there. Our latest video documents their reaction and conveys their messages back to you.

These tree planters are growing so-called Forest Gardens, in collaboration with our local partner, Trees for the Future. In a Forest Garden, different tree species – each playing a specific role – grow alongside a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Their families are better off as a result. Because Forest Gardens produce more, and more diverse, food than monocultures, they increase their income by a staggering average of 400% – which, in this rural area, makes a critical difference.

If you're already using Ecosia: this video is for you. If not: why not make a new connection today?

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