trees planted 1,086,427
hectares restored 667
since 2020

Restoring forests in the Philippines

In the Philippines, our partner NTFP-EP is working with indigenous communities to plant native seedlings that restore the land. Our partner Kennemer Foods, meanwhile, restores forests and creates agroforestry systems for smallholder farmers.

Planting method

nurseries, rainforestation

Planting season


Main threats

Logging, Slash-and-burn, Invasive grasses

Wildlife protected

Visayan warty pig, Visayan spotted deer, Varanus mabitang, Visayan tarictic hornbill, Writhed-billed hornbill



Top trees species

Canarium luzonicum
Native Species Endangered
Lansium domesticum
Native Species
Musa acuminata
Native Species
Podocarpus rumphii
Native Species Endangered
Shorea astylosa
Native Species Endangered
Palaquium mindanaense
Native Species Endangered
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