What is regenerative agriculture and can it be scaled?



Fátima is Ecosia's Video Editorial Lead. She thinks in many Sprachen.

Soil is fundamental to growing food and can play a huge role in carbon sequestration — if only we stopped treating it like dirt.

A teaspoon of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than the number of humans on Earth. But in the era of climate change, industrial farming and intensive animal grazing have left soils degraded and eroded.

While conventional farming practices like overgrazing and deforestation harm the soil, it can also be easily restored. Transitioning to a regenerative agricultural system is the groundwork needed to heal our relationship to the Earth. In this video, we talk with farmers who are doing just that.

Watch the video above to learn how regenerative agriculture offers tangible hope for a food system that feeds the world by allowing biodiversity to thrive.

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