We've updated your personal tree counter

It’s amazing that your searches on Ecosia help us plant and protect trees in biodiversity hotspots all over the world, isn’t it? To make it even easier for you to keep track of your impact, we’ve now updated your personal counter.

The new counter displays the number of trees you’ve planted instead of the number of searches you've made, so you don’t have to make any calculations.

We display two tree counters on ecosia.org. The global tree counter on our homepage shows the collective number of trees planted by your searches. We set the speed so it never goes above the number of trees actually in the ground — and it’s already adjusted to only count trees that survive a minimum of three years.

The second counter, your personal impact counter, used to keep track of the number of searches you’d made. With the new update, it now shows the number of trees you’ve helped plant on Ecosia, so your impact is even clearer. That means the number displayed will go down once when we convert it from searches to trees, but the number of trees you’ve helped plant is still the same!

On mobile, you can keep track of your trees in the impact section in iOS, which appears on your homepage or when you open a new tab. We’re now also bringing this update to Android, so you’ll have the same counter everywhere. Keep searching on Ecosia to plant and protect trees where they make a difference.

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