Our climate impact projects

We dedicate 100% of our profits to climate action. To date the majority has been channeled into reforestation projects around the world, but we are also contributing to a growing number of climate impact projects. 

Here’s a list of the main projects currently:

  1. World Fund, Europe’s Climate Venture Capital Fund

Ecosia was the incubator of and first investor in the World Fund. With a targeted funding volume of €M350, it is the largest European Climate Venture Capital Fund. First investments include Treecard (a debit card that plants trees), Planet-A-Foods (deforestation-free chocolate) and Juicy Marbles (a plant-based filet mignon).

  1. Eight roof-top commercial-scale solar systems in Germany

Together with the Frankfurt-based solar developer Enviria, we built and own a portfolio of commercial-scale rooftop solar systems, ranging from 200 to 600kWp. Our contribution included payments to clean the roofs of asbestos. Along with our Rottenbach solar park, these solar systems mean we can power Ecosia searches with renewable energy, twice over.

  1. Solar- and Biodiversity-Park Rottenbach

In a joint venture with the German renewable energy pioneer Naturstrom AG, we own and operate a 13MWp ground-mounted solar system close to Rottenbach. Its main goal is to help slow down climate breakdown by crowding out fossil energy from the grid. To support biodiversity in the park we engaged a permaculture expert to set up hedges, a small pond, and stone piles, which offer habitats to a large variety of species.

  1. Enabling a €M23 solar home system portfolio with solar energy pioneer Zolar

By providing equity, Ecosia enabled the solar startup Zolar to build 1,300 solar home systems. This is energy system transformation at its best: it allows consumers to become producers and helps to reduce the influence large power multinationals have on our societies. It also helps to reduce the cost of electricity transportation that is mainly covered by citizens, amounting to 20% of total costs.    

  1. Commercial-scale solar systems in the Global South with Ecoligo

For several years now we have provided the solar startup Ecoligo with working capital to develop solar energy projects in the Global South. There, solar energy often replaces diesel generators, likely the most polluting form of electricity generation. Ecoligo finances its systems via crowd-investing.

  1. Helping local biodiversity steward and juice producer Ostmost

Orchard meadows were a common feature in Germany a hundred years ago, representing a national biodiversity treasure and belonging to the most biodiverse ecosystems in Germany. Unfortunately, 80% of them have been replaced by monocultures. That’s why Ostmost set out to secure them and valorize their fruit by producing juice. When one of Ostmost’s most important suppliers went bankrupt, we provided Ostmost with a loan so they could stay afloat.

  1. Backing Germany’s largest agroforestry project

Hof Lebensberg and its agroforestry tree nursery ackerbaum.de is Germany’s biggest regenerative agroforestry project. They are pioneering a transition from agriculture with mainly annual crops towards more perennial ones, which protects our soils from erosion, as well as carbon and biodiversity losses. They also offer an astonishing variety of plants and products. We have supported their business with several loans.

  1. Supporting the world’s biggest transformation to Bioland organic farming

A few years ago, three entrepreneurs embarked on the mission to buy and convert a 5,000-ha farm South of Leipzig from conventional to organic farming practices. They decided to adhere to the even more stringent Bioland practices and it now constitutes the biggest transformation ever in that regard. Ecosia is a small but early equity shareholder and supported them with a loan.

  1. Helping regenerative agriculture entrepreneurs to get started

For many years, Ecosia has been running a business plan competition for regenerative agriculture startups together with permaculture guru Richard Perkins. The winners receive investments from Ecosia. They are examples of what agriculture could look like: not just more sustainable or less destructive, but actively regenerating our soils, and doing so profitably. Like the Gonne Girls in Northern France: two former business women who left Paris to set up a regenerative farm in their former home town. Or, Gut & Bösel, which got featured in “Farm Rebellion”, an Apple TV series.

  1. Early investment in Wildfarmed

Wildfarmed was started by a group of three men — a well-known 1990s musician, a TV celebrity, and a Wall Street investor who did not want to keep watching the destruction of our soils by bad farming practices and annual crops. They implemented a regenerative way to grow wheat and their flour has made its way into the finest breads and pizzas. Ecosia was amongst their first investors. 

Our list of projects is varied and increasing! Keep checking back to see how we are growing our climate action around the world.

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