Rural millennials: the new generation of farmers

Belén and Leo are in their late twenties. They both studied at university in a big metropole. They are millennials. But a few years ago, they decided to return to their roots in rural Spain.

Today they feel stigmatised by society for choosing to work in the rural sector despite their academic careers.

But they both remain determined with their choice: small-scale farmers produce 70% of the world's food. When young people move away from the countryside, there is nobody left to regenerate deforested land and farmable soil falls into the hands of massive industries.

Leo and Belén want to prove that working in the rural sector is not just perfectly viable, but vital to saving our climate. They see themselves as entrepreneur-farmers who, with academic studies under their belts, have the capacity to marry the two worlds they come from: the rural and the urbanite.

Returning to their roots after years of academic studies, they are bringing back awareness for the role of small-scale farmers in protecting the world’s soils.

Read more about our project in Spain here.

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