Tree-Planting Update: Episode 22

Bem-vindos ao tree update número 22! Welcome to Tree Update 22, filmed in Brazil, where I recently travelled with my colleague Jéssica.

Jéssica is a developer at Ecosia and this was not only her first time recording a tree update episode, but also her first visit to one of Ecosia’s tree-planting projects. The fact that it was in her home country made it special, too. In fact, she described it as a life changing experience.

Perhaps she was just as amazed as I am by the inspiring work our partners in Brazil is doing. After two years of work, we have planted 2 million trees with CEPAN/PACTO and we are on our way to plant 3 million additional trees in 2020.

In this episode, we give you an update on how those trees are being planted across the entire country. From the 50,000 trees planted by Regua, to the 400,00 trees that IPE is planting: in Brazil we work with a combination of different tree-planting institutions whose goal it is to reforest the Mata Atlântica, a former rainforest neighbouring its much more famous sister, the Amazon forest.

Thank you for watching our 22nd tree update and see you next time. Muito obrigado!

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