trees planted 19,607,393
hectares restored 4075
since 2012

Restoring the Atlantic Forest

Dubbed the farm of the world, Brazil’s forests have been cleared mostly for cattle holding and growing fodder to satisfy worldwide meat consumption. We are restoring the Atlantic Forest, which used to be as lush (and as threatened) as the Amazon. Today, only about 20% of the forest remains. Your trees here are protecting 60% of Brazil’s endangered species of animals and plants. This means that each tree has a significant impact on wildlife.



Planting method

Tree nurseries and firefighting

Planting season

Year-round (depending on location)

Main threats

Overgrazing, fires

Wildlife protected

+264 mammals, +1000 birds, +300 reptiles, +350 freshwater fish


Current environmental politics
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Top trees species

Cedrela fissilis
Native Species Endangered
Euterpe edulis
Native Species Endangered
Schinus terebinthifolia
Native Species

Brazil's Atlantic Forest

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