Join Ecosia on September 20 for the global climate strike!

On September 20, millions of us will leave our schools, homes and workplaces to strike for the climate. Use this map to find a climate strike near you. If you're unable to strike on September 20th, here are some other ways you can join the movement.

It's bleak, y'all. Sea levels are rising, forests are burning, and those who've caused the least pollution are bearing the brunt of the suffering. Meaningful solutions to the climate crisis are brushed aside by those with the power to implement them.

But in 2018, a different story emerged. Greta Thunberg started striking for the climate. Soon her solo protest spread from one school to the next, from Sweden to Honolulu. On March 15th, 1.4 million pupils took to the streets. The kids sounded the alarm, and the world started to wake up. Many of them became Ecosia users, helping us plant over 20 million trees since then.

The climate crisis is an emergency. We need everyone to sound the alarm.

On September 20th, in the run-up to the UN’s climate action summit, everyone can become part of the Fridays for Future movement. Millions of us, regardless of where we live or how old we are, will leave our homes, schools and workplaces to join the climate strikers. Together, we'll be impossible to ignore.

More and more people at Ecosia have felt compelled to take part in climate activism. We’ve attended Fridays for Future strikes, training sessions with Extinction Rebellion, and marches in solidarity with the Hambach forest. Ecosia allows us to strike for the climate without taking holiday leave, and supports those who engage in nonviolent civil disobedience with legal assistance. On September 20, the whole Ecosia team will hit the streets in Berlin and Paris to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels, and we hope you will too. Check out this map to find a march near you!

Last year, Greta Thunberg’s lone protest caught the world’s attention. Now it’s our turn. On September 20, we need everyone to strike for climate justice. To make sure our leaders listen to our demands. To keep fossil fuels in the ground. To safeguard our future.

Are you ready?

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