“Everything needs to change”: meet Generation Climate

Greta Thunberg wants us to act "as if our house is on fire" – because, she points out, it is. Ecosia stands with the movement she has inspired:

Ecosia joined a school strike in Hamburg, organised by Fridays for the Future and attended by 6000 students, including Greta, as well as a strike in Berlin attended by 25,000 people. Ecosia is planting 25,000 trees, one for every person who took to the streets.

The stikes’ key demand is for governments to align their actions with the Paris agreement. Until this demand is met, the strikes will continue every Friday.


Politicians have wasted decades to act on the climate crisis – which is worse than missing a couple of school lessons. Climate change is still framed as a "debate" or "controversy" in an age of overwhelming scientific agreement that we have only 12 years to prevent global temperatures rising by 2°C rather than 1.5.[1] While that may not sound like much, it is a matter of life or death for a vast number of humans, animals and ecosystems.

The children and young adults we met at the march (and some of their parents and teachers) understand this. They spoke rationally about the emergency we find ourselves in. They're serious and determined. Seeing so many of them take to the streets to generate attention for something our politicians have ignored for too long gave us a renewed sense of hope for the future.


  1. https://www.ipcc.ch ↩︎

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