Is Ecosia legit? 10 questions for Ecosia’s Founder and CEO

Even though Ecosia has been around for 10 years and has planted millions of trees across the globe, the same questions pop up time and again: is Ecosia a scam, who owns Ecosia and does Ecosia really plant trees?

So we brought Ecosia users and employees together with Christian Kroll, our founder and CEO, to ask him these (and other) questions.

The result? Watch it here.

In the video, Christian answers the following questions – which are some of the most frequently asked questions on our YouTube channel or our Instagram profile:

  1. How was Ecosia created?
  2. Who owns Ecosia / Why is Ecosia a not-for-profit company?
  3. Where does Ecosia plant trees / Why does Ecosia plant trees?
  4. Do Ecosia's trees survive? / Does Ecosia really plant trees?
  5. Does Ecosia pollute? / Is Ecosia CO2 neutral?
  6. Is Ecosia any good? / Is Ecosia private, does it track you?
  7. How difficult were the past 10 years?
  8. Why use Ecosia? / What does Ecosia do?
  9. How will Ecosia work in the future?
  10. What is Christian’s favourite tree?

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