How does Ecosia neutralize its CO2 emissions?

Aside from planting trees, Ecosia does a lot of other good things for the environment. We neutralize all CO2 emissions related to an Ecosia search. CO2 neutralization happens in two steps:

First, we estimate all of the CO2 related to Ecosia. This comes out to about 0.7 grams of CO2 per search. At 20 million search queries a month, we end up associated with about 14 tons monthly. The following emission sources are included in this calculation:

  • Ecosia’s business operations (office heating and electricity, as well as business trips)
  • Power consumption of our server
  • Power consumption of our search partners’ servers (Yahoo, Bing, etc)
  • Power consumption of the IT infrastructure through which search data travels
  • Power consumption of Ecosia user’s devices (computer, laptop or mobile device)

Next, we neutralize these CO2 emissions together with our partner myclimate. Every month, we donate money to myclimate, which is used to finance a solar cooker project in Madagascar. The goal of this project is to reduce deforestation in Madagascar and to avoid CO2 emissions from traditional cookers. This project has earned the highest possible CO2 neutralization quality seal, the “Gold Standard”

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