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#GrowYourLove for the NHS

In May 2020 Ecosia launched its first tree-planting campaign in the UK to plant trees for UK NHS hospitals and local council sites. The purpose of #GrowYourLove was to give Ecosia’s UK users an opportunity to show their appreciation to frontline healthcare workers; to support NHS key workers’ long term mental and physical wellbeing by contributing to a healthier working environment; and to improve access to nature by working with local organizations to plant thousands of trees on and around hospital grounds across the country. The trees will create green spaces in and around over 10 NHS hospitals across the country and will particularly benefit those in urban areas with high levels of pollution and where access to nature is limited.

Planting method

Urban planting

Planting season


Main threats

Climate change

Wildlife protected



Social distancing

Top trees species

Acer campestre
Native Species
Alnus glutinosa
Native Species
Betula pendula
Native Species
Betula pubescens
Native Species
Buxus sempervirens
Native Species
Carpinus betulus
Native Species
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