trees planted 81,124
hectares restored 41
since 2020

Restoring Australia's rainforests

We started planting trees in Australia in 2020, after parts of the rainforest in the Byron Bay area were devastated by fires. Rainforest should never burn, but the scale of the fires and diminished forest cover - previously cleared for dairy farming - left it vulnerable. The dairy farms are no longer in use as consumer demand in New South Wales declines, and the area is ripe for reforestation. The 100+ different native species we plant clean the air, sequester carbon, bring down temperatures, support biodiversity, and attract rain in Australia – making the area more resilient against future fires.


Planting method

tree nurseries

Planting season


Main threats


Wildlife protected

Rose Crowned Fruit doves, Wompoo pigeons, Koalas



Top trees species

Corokia whiteana
Native Species Endangered
Davidsonia johnsonii
Native Species Endangered
Desmodium acanthocladum
Native Species Endangered
Diploglottis campbellii
Native Species Endangered
Doryanthes palmeri
Native Species Endangered
Drynaria rigidula
Native Species Endangered
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