trees planted 51,439,795
hectares restored 6,560
since 2016

Reforesting the world's oldest island

Madagascar is home to over 200,000 species that don't exist anywhere else in the world. But 90% of the island's forests have been destroyed. That's why we're planting mangrove trees along the coast and deciduous trees slightly further inland. Mangroves prevent the soil from washing into the sea, are home to an astonishing array of species, and protect coastal communities from storms and floods. They also sequester record-breaking amounts of carbon.

We are also planting narrow forest corridors that reconnect remaining forest patches. Thanks to these corridors, animals are able to roam from one patch of forest to another when foraging for food or searching for mates.

Planting method

propagul transplantation, nurseries

Planting season

All year

Main threats

Charcoal, Burning for grazing

Wildlife protected

Lemurs, Chameleons


Extreme poverty, Weak infrastructure, Corrupt government

Top trees species

Bruguiera gymnoohiza
Native Species
Ceriops tagal
Native Species
Rhizophora mucronata
Native Species
Avicinia marina
Native Species
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