These are your first trees in Burkina Faso

They may still look tiny, but these two brave little sprouts of Acacia Senegal are the first of the trees you helped us plant in Burkina Faso. All the tree, grass, and herb species that are being sown on Ecosia’s 1000ha site in Aribinda are indigenous. This makes them drought-resistant and well-adapted to the hot climate in Burkina Faso.

For the past weeks the local women and men have been sowing their collected seeds - a real community event! As the rainy season (July until September) begins, the sowing phase (May and June) slowly ends. By now, most of the half-moon shaped seed beds, plowed into the dry ground by tractors, have been filled with seeds. During the wet season the rain fills each of them with up to 1000 liters of water. This makes them the perfect reservoirs for seedlings and shrubs to endure the next dry season. The best part: all trees can be planted without expensive nurseries.

Check our monthly business report to see the donations we were able to make thanks to your searches (click on the image to zooHr1It171It17.png)](GHOST_URL/ecosia-financial-reports-tree-planting-receipts/)

Very grateful and still giddy with excitement,

Your Ecosia team

P.S.: As always, credits for the beautiful picture go to our partners at OZG/Beeldkas

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