200 million trees

It is a proud moment for us today as our tree counter ticks towards 200,000,000. 

That’s 200 million trees the Ecosia community has helped put into the ground; trees that are monitored, and thriving. Trees that capture thousands of tons of CO2 every day, saving endangered animals, restoring ecosystems, and uplifting communities around the world.

The formative years of Ecosia saw us becoming Germany’s first certified B Corp in 2014, visiting our first tree planting project in Burkina Faso in 2016 and celebrating the first 10 million trees being planted in April of 2017.  

The big turning point came in 2018 when I signed a legally binding commitment to ensure that Ecosia could never be sold and that 100% of our profits would always go to the planet. Today, your searches enable us to work with partners to plant and protect 1,250 species of trees across 95,000 locations globally. 

We’re also doing work beyond planting trees. Since 2020, our solar plants produce enough renewable energy to power all Ecosia searches twice over. We’ve also set up an incubator for regenerative agriculture, invested into climate tech solutions, and recognizing the need for holistic change, diversified our search providers last year to provide you with an improved search experience.

With every search and every share, you have allowed us to do so much good for the planet, and we have no plans to stop here. If everyone reading this shared Ecosia with a friend, we could reach 300 million in no time. 

So thank you, Ecosia community. Here's to 200 million trees, and counting.
Christian Kroll CEO, Ecosia

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