Tree-Planting Update: Episode 32

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Chief Tree Planting Officer

Welcome to Tree Update 32! This time with me, Pieter.

I also have a special little guest joining me for this episode; but I will let you watch the video and not spoil the surprise.

In this episode, I share three types of projects that were chosen to help increase the impact of your searches. From a new research project led by top conservation scientists to local entrepreneurs that are harnessing trees to solve key social issues, this video gives insight into these new and novel projects from Madagascar, Thailand, and Uganda.  

As the recently published Global Tree Assessment Report has noted, a key component to responsible tree planting is making sure a project engages the local community and that they have a vested interest in not only planting the trees - but keeping them in the ground and growing.

How each partner goes about doing that, and the type of support needed from Ecosia, is where they differ. In this update, I shed light on some of the different ways that we finance projects, ensuring that the money generated from your searches makes as big of an impact as possible.

I hope you enjoy the video and let us know what you think!

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