Tree-Planting Update: Episode 30



Antonia is the Account Manager of Ecosia’s tree-planting team, bridging the gap between technical reforestation insights and the Ecosia community.

Welcome to Tree Update 30! This time coming from me, Antonia.

Trees take time to grow, which is why before and after pictures are not always easy to make. Unlike in the wet tropics, where everything grows very quickly, in more dry areas, it’s difficult to perceive the changes in the landscape with the naked eye.

In this episode we tell you more about how at Ecosia, together with our tree-planting partners, we combine other methods to monitor changes in the landscapes where we plant the trees, even when they are not yet fully grown.

In fact, sometimes, observing those subtle changes in the landscape can be even more important than the trees themselves.

While it might seem odd to say this, at Ecosia we’re not just all about planting trees. Our goal is to restore entire landscapes, all while helping communities improve their livelihoods, so that nature and wildlife, too, can benefit from the long-lasting changes.

From video calls with our partners, to monitoring apps or satellite images — watch this episode to learn more about how we know that the trees financed through Ecosia are actually making a difference.

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