Tree-Planting Update: Episode 20

Welcome to our twentieth tree update!

This latest episode was filmed in Berlin, Kenya and Burkina Faso. Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel all around the globe to bring you the latest updates on your trees: the Ecosia tree-planting team is growing!

In this episode, Edmond is in Kenya, and gives you an update on how your trees are doing there. He's an expert on reforestation in general and tropical soils in particular, and has recently become Ecosia's second Tree-Planting Officer. Thanks to his vast experience and Spanish language skills, he's helping us expand our work in South America. Welcome, Edmond!

Ludo also features in this tree update. He's an expert in regenerative agriculture and is currently giving us a hand in Burkina Faso, where your trees are restoring desertified land. In the tree update, he'll tell you more about the innovative techniques we're applying there, together with our local partner Hommes et Terre.

Thank you for watching our twentieth tree update and for helping us grow a team of reforestation experts. As you can see, your searches are having a real, meaningful impact. I’m incredibly happy to be able to show it to you every month through these episodes. See you next time!

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