Tree-Planting Update: Episode 16

Our latest tree update comes from Sumatra, Indonesia, where your searches are helping to reforest former palm oil plantations.

The global demand for palm oil has caused mass deforestation across Indonesia, turning rainforests into large monocultures for palm oil production. The use of pesticides and lack of forest diversity means that endangered animals such as rhinos or orangutans cannot live here. Palm oil plantations look lush and green, but are as uninhabitable as bare land or desert.

Ecosia will plant half a million trees in the coming years as part of our project with the Sumatra Orangutan Society. Our aim is to restore the Leuser National Park to protect the Sumatran orangutan and save a badly damaged ecosystem. We are planting diverse tree species to restore degraded land and introduce liveable habitats for the local wildlife.

This tree update also shows how your trees are growing and thriving in Ethiopia, Madagascar and Ghana.

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