trees planted 138,253
hectares restored 240
since 2017

Race against desertification

Spain is home to 54% of Europe’s plant and animal species and it produces 12% of Europe’s fruits and vegetables. Europe’s food security is directly linked to Spain’s soil and water resources. Yet the country is quickly desertifying – a process your trees help counter.


Asociación Alvelal

Planting method

Seeding, nurseries

Planting season


Main threats

Desertification as a result of bad land use

Wildlife protected

Blue Jay, Ocellated Lizard, Iberian Lynx, Cinereous Vulture, Golden Eagle


Factory farming and industrial agriculture
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Top trees species

Pinus halepensis
Native Species
Juniperus phoenicea
Native Species
Juniperus oxycedrus
Native Species
Quercus ilex
Native Species
Quercus coccifera
Native Species
Rhamnus lycioides
Native Species

Restoring Europe's orchard

Millennials go farming
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