trees planted 1,678
hectares restored 50
since 2020

Restorating native trees for smallholder farmers

Planting trees on and around farms has many benefits. In rural Rwanda, your trees prevent erosion, increase soil fertility and water retention, and ultimately lead to higher, more predictable yields. This, in turn, means more food, income, and independence for local communities.



Planting method

nurseries, direct seeding

Planting season


Main threats

Logging of natural forests for firewood and timber

Wildlife protected

Over 600 bird species


Worsening climatic conditions, Poverty
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Top trees species

Croton megalocarpus
Native Species
Markhamia lutea
Native Species
Polyscias fulva
Native Species
Maesopsis eminii
Cedrela serrata
Alnus acumunata
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