trees planted 1,869,944
hectares restored 8,169
since 2016

Empowering farmer collectives

One million hectares of Peru’s forests have been lost in the past 15 years. In a country that holds 13% of the Amazon forest, it is critical that farmers apply regenerative agriculture practices. By empowering Peru's once strong farmer collectives to spread these practices, we can better protect primary forests. This is because regenerative agriculture, unlike traditional monocultures, preserves land fertility.

Planting method


Planting season

January-April, October-December

Main threats

Slash and burn agriculture

Wildlife protected



Lack of rainfall, Poverty

Top trees species

Alnus acuminata
Native Species
Cedrala molinensis
Native Species
Escallonia resinosa
Native Species
Calicophyllum spruceanuan
Native Species
Juglans neotropica
Native Species
Polylepis racemosa
Native Species

Deforestation in Peru

A slippery slope
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