Why forward-thinking organizations are switching to Ecosia to plant change

As Ecosia celebrates planting its 100 millionth tree, we’re calling on the most environmentally and socially conscious organizations to switch to Ecosia. Together, we can plant change faster than ever before.

The immediate urgency of the coronavirus has eclipsed the climate crisis in recent months. But while governments and businesses have been focused elsewhere, the climate crisis has marched on and remains the biggest long-term existential threat that we face today.

Lockdown measures may have momentarily curbed CO2 emissions and improved air quality in a number of major cities, providing a much needed reprise for nature and biodiversity, but this temporary fluctuation is not enough to permanently mitigate global warming. As economies begin to rebuild, businesses and organizations must re-focus their efforts to respond to the climate emergency and avoid the temptation to go back to business as normal at any cost, including to the environment.

It’s time for businesses and organizations to plant change

The coronavirus has proven that there is a strong link between the health of our planet, the role of leadership and our relationship to the economy. That when faced with a crisis, policy makers and businesses are able to adapt and make changes in the interest of all – and not just shareholders.

Now that we know what is possible, we have a historic window of opportunity to transition towards a more sustainable economic model. In much the same way that the business community rallied to respond to the coronavirus, business leaders must take this opportunity to promote a greener, fairer economic system.

We’ve made history, now let’s plant the future

That’s why, to celebrate our 100 millionth tree, Ecosia is inviting environmentally and socially conscious organizations of all sizes and across all sectors to kickstart green recovery by switching to Ecosia to help us plant the next 100 million trees faster than ever before.

In just 10 years, Ecosia has grown from a grassroots project into a world-leading tree planting organization, reforesting with more than 500 native and biodiverse tree species, all across the globe. By planting 100 million trees, we have sequestered up to 3.5 million tonnes of CO2, restored 35,271 hectares across 5 continents, protected hundreds of endangered species, and helped tens of thousands of people to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Join hundreds of companies who have switched to Ecosia to Plant Change

Reaching 100 million trees is a major milestone, but it’s also a starting point. Like the coronavirus, responding to the climate crisis requires leadership at all levels of society. From schools, universities, hospitals, charities and multinational corporations, more and more people are demanding their organizations take action against climate change and switch to Ecosia to help plant tens of thousands of trees.

When a large organization makes Ecosia the default search engine for employees, it will receive a unique install link to track how many trees the organization is collectively planting with its searches. It also receives a monthly report showing the number of trees that have been planted by the whole team.

A unique opportunity to plant the seeds of change

The impact of making Ecosia the default search engine for an organization is more far-reaching than the sum of the trees planted, or the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere. Each tree brings us closer to a different future: one where the planet and people matter more than profit; where privacy is protected; where companies are transparent and accountable; where renewable energy is the only acceptable option and where environmental and social justice is advanced, not repressed.

As we emerge from lockdown, organizations should be looking at ways to demonstrate their commitment to the green recovery by reducing their environmental footprint, and transitioning away from polluting actions. By switching to Ecosia, organizations, together with millions of people, can commit to tackling climate change by planting trees,  to create a greener and fairer future that leaves no one behind.

Want your organization to switch to Ecosia and to help us plant the next 100 million trees faster than ever before? Fill out this form or find out more here.

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