trees planted 2,561,370
hectares restored 1,512
since 2017

Reforesting volcano slopes

In the pacific lowlands of Nicaragua your searches are helping to reforest one of the world’s largest volcanic mountain ranges, as well as tropical lowlands around León. We use a landscape approach to stop soil erosion, restore water sources, and empower farmers by developing a more sustainable subsistence model.


Fundación DIA , Nicaverde

Planting method

nurseries, direct seeding

Planting season


Main threats

Monocropping, Droughts

Wildlife protected

Spider monkey, Anteater, Yellow-naped parrot


Political instability

Top trees species

Cordia alliodora
Native Species
Cedrela odorata
Native Species Endangered
Swietenia macrophylla
Native Species Endangered
Gliricidia sepium
Native Species
Pentaclethra macroloba
Native Species
Theobroma cacao
Native Species
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