trees planted 219,623
hectares restored ongoing
since 2019

Using radio shows to plant trees

Our most unusual reforestation project uses radio shows to help people plant and protect trees. Radio is the best medium to reach a large amount of people in rural Malawi. The radio programmes inform farmers about tree-planting practices, the benefits of trees, and sustainable farming.


Farm Radio Trust

Planting method

Radio shows

Planting season


Main threats

High population density

Wildlife protected

(Migratory) birds


Artboard 2

Top trees species

Piliostigma thonningii
Native Species
Combretum zeyheri
Native Species Endangered
Faidherbia albida
Native Species Endangered
Philenoptera violacea
Native Species Endangered
Combretum molle
Native Species Endangered
Acacia polyacantha
Native Species
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