trees planted 6,890,969
hectares restored 4,028
since 2018

Restoring and conserving Kenya’s water towers

Wangari Maathai, the founder of our partner organization in Kenya, won the Nobel Peace Prize for her political activism and reforestation work. We aim to honor her legacy by scaling the latter. Concretely, we're planting and conserving trees around so-called water towers, all the while creating livelihood opportunities for women. These mountains are the source of multiple streams that join together to form rivers, some of which flow all the way to Egypt. Protecting and reforesting these towers prevents erosion, and increases both the quantity and the quality of the water.

Planting method

Nurseries, Taungya

Planting season

April-June, October-December

Main threats

deforestation for farming and fuelwood, invasive tree species

Wildlife protected

Elephants, Grey Crowned Crane, De Brazza Monkey, Sitatunga


Finding balance between farming and conservation, Rising unemployement

Top trees species

Acacia xanthophloea
Native Species
Brachylaena huillensis
Native Species
Celtis africana
Native Species
Cordia africana
Native Species
Vitex keniensis
Native Species
Olea welwitschii
Native Species

Prof. Wangari Maathai

Why we plant trees according to her method
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