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Empowering Communities to Plant Trees in Guatemala

Decades of unsustainable agricultural practices, such as cash crop monocultures and cattle ranching, have made Guatemala one of the countries most susceptible to deforestation, and resulted in a myriad of environmental and socio-economic problems, particularly affecting indigenous communities. With Contour Lines, we are working with rural indigenous communities (Q’echi and Garifuna) to implement regenerative agriculture techniques that restore land, control erosion, eliminate the use of chemicals, and diversifies harvests. With Plantemos, we are mobilizing groups of volunteers to plant trees all around Guatemala, with the aim of also inspiring others to protect nearby forests.

Planting method

Nursery, Agroforestry, Inga Alley Cropping, Contour Lines

Planting season


Main threats

Monocropping, droughts, man-made fires, slash and burn practices, overgrazing

Wildlife protected

Spider Monkey, White Tail Deer, Tapir, Ant Eater and Quetzal


Poverty, political instability, land tenure issues, lack of knowledge on regenerative alternatives
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Top tree species

Pinus pseudostrobus lindl
Native Species
Nectandra especie
Native Species
Platymicium dimorphandrum
Native Species
Sect. Lobatae
Native Species
Gliricidia sepium
Native Species
Inga Edulis
Native Species
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