trees planted 4,477,443
hectares restored 4,129
since 2017

Growing Food Forests

Hundreds of villages in northern Ghana depend on the Daka river for drinking, washing, cooking, and farming. But due to deforestation, the river dries out for months on end. With Tree Aid, we are helping trees grow along the banks of the Daka River that will provide fruit and nuts to local communities but also restore the water level and prevent erosion.

Meanwhile, in the North East Region of Ghana, half a million people rely on food produced by trees. With Eco Restore, we are growing native tree species as a means to provide food and nutrition, all the while enhancing biodiversity and empowering communities

Planting method

nurseries, direct seeding, FMNR

Planting season


Main threats

Overgrazing, Deforestation, Unsustainable land use, Unpredictable weather, Invasive exotic species, Herbicides, Modern farming, Rapid urbanisation

Wildlife protected

Pangolin, Stingless bees, Leopard, Various migratory birds


Sustainability of project, Ability to meet farmer demand of biodiverse range of indigenous tree species

Top trees species

Khaya senegalensis
Native Species Endangered
Afzelia africana
Native Species
Pterocarpus erinaceus
Native Species Endangered
Ceiba pentandra
Native Species
Parkia bilobosa
Native Species
Borassus aethiopum
Native Species

Meet The Baobab Collective

The women creating a superfood from trees
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