trees planted 160
hectares restored 0.4
since 2022

Planting native species and creating fire prevention zones

In southern France, we are planting fire resistant native species around fire stations to shield them from future fires and raise awareness among local communities about wildfires and their causes. We are also working with young people to take care of the trees. In short, our aim is to promote sustainable forest management practices for future generations.

Planting method


Planting season

October - November

Main threats


Wildlife protected



Incremental loss of native fire resistant tree species

Top trees species

Cercis siliquastrum (Chêne)
Native Species
Fraxinus angustifolia (Frêne)
Native Species
Olea europaea (Olivier)
Native Species
Prunus amygdalus (Amandier)
Native Species
Pyrus communis (Poirier)
Native Species
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