trees planted 18,756,370
hectares restored 3,875
since 2017

Regenerating diverse landscapes

Widespread deforestation across Ethiopia has resulted in bare mountains, dry river banks and eroded soil. Ecosia is restoring natural tree cover and working with local women’s groups and landless youth to plant trees in a way that benefits rural communities. These trees restore watersheds to keep rivers flowing and regenerate soils so they can be productive again. By joining our program, farmers are helping to restore their local environment. But the benefits don't stop there: trees improve crop yields, which provides income for medicine and school fees.

Planting method

natural regeneration, nurseries

Planting season


Main threats


Wildlife protected

Baboons, Zebras, Hyenas


Land use

Top trees species

Cordia africana
Native Species Endangered
Acacia abyssinica
Native Species Endangered
Sesbania sesban
Native Species Endangered
Acacia lehai
Native Species Endangered
Milettia ferruginea
Native Species
Faidherbia albida
Native Species

Meet Almaz, coffee farmer and tree hero

Almaz leads a women's tree-planting group in southern Ethiopia
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